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We are to be found just over the blue mountains at longitude 149.54 degrees west and Latitude 33.73 degrees south at an altitude of 950 metres on volcanic soils on a north facing slope. The vineyard and winery situated on a 1000acre farm between Oberon and Rockley about 50minutes from Bathurst. Our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have distinctive regional character from the cool climate and the metamorphosed volcanic soils nurtured by organic and biodynamic methods. We are proud to have been involved in Bathurst region events since 2010 including the Winter Festival in July and the Winter Winery Wander in June each year. We have been sponsors of a Regenerative Farming conference and the National Cool Climate Wine show in Bathurst. George Clark is the 2021 president of the Bathurst Region Vignerons Association.
Local sustainable farming since 2003 at 950m near Oberon. Our handmade Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines have been awarded Bronze in 2013 at NCCWS, Bronze in 2014 at NCCWS, Gold in 2014 at NCCWS.

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